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Active Jobs – pressing this takes you to a list of current jobs that you have with Gallowglass.

Rate Your Crew – pressing this allows you to rate the crew you have worked with.

Venue Wiki – this is a searchable database of the venues we have worked in. Our goal is to provide you and others with relevant information about venues. There are over 18,000 currently and the information is being built up slowly. You can add to this info to provide useful knowledge for others.

Crew I have rated – this provides a list of crew you have previously worked with and taken the time to rate. If you don’t rate crew you won’t see anything here.

Feedback on this App – this is an area for you to provide feedback about your experience with the app.

Manage Announcements – this is an area where you can manage team, job and booking announcements that you have created.

Settings – this is where you can upload a profile picture and turn on or off email notifications.

Logout – logs you out of the client app

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Request a quote
Fill in our quote form and our orders team will email your estimate directly.