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Looking for events crew jobs in Leeds? Here at Gallowglass, we are always searching for new crew members to join our dynamic team who work on several thousand events across the UK and Europe. Leeds is one of our offices serving the north of England, along with our Manchester and Liverpool offices.

The crewing jobs we offer can vary from basic event crew positions to more specialist roles. Each member of the team is provided with basic training when they begin, and this is topped up throughout their time at Gallowglass to improve upon the skill sets we can offer as a company. We understand that often it takes a specialist to be able to undertake a particular job; therefore we take the time to outsource training programs in specific sectors to allow us to broaden our range of specialisms and strengthen our teams and employees further. This has been a vital aspect of our growth and has lead to us being offered some fantastic opportunities over the years.

With two unique apps, we manage the available jobs and our clients' needs with ease. Every member of the team has access to the crew app, which offers details on upcoming jobs and information on current assignments including who you are working with, where and who to contact.

The company has been running for over two decades, and in this time we have gained a vast amount of experience that has allowed us to grow further and provide an excellent crew to a range of events all over the UK, including Leeds. Our flexible zero hour contracts and attractive rates of pay start at £9.30 per hour (including holiday pay) plus supplements for skills and can rise to £17 (including holiday pay) plus supplements for skills. For exceptional jobs the rates can go even higher and are negotiated on a per job basis. There are a limited amount of other careers that offer this kind of flexibility!

Would you like to be a part of the Gallowglass team? Fill in the application form above and attach your CV to apply for our event crew jobs in Leeds.

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