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Manchester is just one of the offices we have that serve the north of England. This is an area where we have seen substantial growth over the last few years, with many new and exciting opportunities that have allowed us the chance to grow in both profile and size. We have seen this base go from strength to strength over the years and look forward to what is to come in the near future. We are always advertising event crew jobs in Manchester, including drivers, carpenters and technical crew and that's just a few of the jobs we have on offer!

At Gallowglass, we are continually working to meet the requirements of our clients, which often means training our staff in specialist areas. The majority of our team members are trained in-house to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they require to do their individual jobs efficiently and safely whilst working within a team. We also call upon specialists to train our crew in their field for the benefit of both our clients and our team. There are many opportunities for those who work with us to train further and develop their skill sets throughout their career with us.

Our unique I.T. systems allow us to supply the right crew with the appropriate skills for each job. This ensures that both our clients and crew have a strong base in which they can source information to keep every job running smoothly.

Our flexible zero hour contracts and attractive rates of pay start at £9.30 per hour (including holiday pay) plus supplements for skills and can rise to £17 (including holiday pay) plus supplements for skills.  For exceptional jobs the rates can go even higher and are negotiated on a per job basis. There are a limited amount of other careers that offer this kind of flexibility!

Fill in the application form above and attach your CV if you would like the chance to work within our event crew team in Manchester.

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