Setting alerts

NOTE: At this time alerts are only sent to you if you actually placed the order or you are a named onsite contact. This is to avoid people getting flooded with notifications for those working in large teams.

To control whether or not you receive these emails, we have added a new section on your Dashboard called Settings

Gallowglass Client App Dashboard Screen

In there you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive.

Simply tick the box and click Save and from that point on you will get the appropriate notification.

Gallowglass Client App Alert Selection

What are the Notifications for?

Allow email notifications for bookings still in quote with less than 48 hours

We understand how busy you are and sometimes it is easy to forget to confirm a booking once you have asked for a quote. Unless the booking is confirmed, the crew won't be coming. We also need time to make sure we can assign you the crew you require. If you enable this notification, you will get a reminder email a couple of days before the event giving you time to confirm with us that the booking is going ahead.

We only fire the email once for each booking so you don't get swamped if it takes you a few hours to confirm it.

Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the app so you can check the details of the booking before getting in touch with the office to confirm the booking.

Gallowglass Client App Booking Alert

Allow email notifications for crew names added to a booking

This alert will fire once all the crew have been assigned to the booking. This means you don't have to keep checking the app when you are waiting for that last crew name to get assigned, the App will let you know.

Gallowglass Client App Names Added Alert

Allow email notifications for crew names changed on a booking

This alert will fire if something changes once all the names have been added. Sometimes we have to change who has been assigned to your work (numerous reasons such as sickness, time changes to a booking meaning that the original crew can no longer do that booking, etc). Again, clicking the link will take you to the booking so you can see the new crew assigned.

Gallowglass Client App Names Changed Alert