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Getting Started

The app is designed to work with most browsers on most devices.

Simply open the web browser on your chosen device and go to

This takes you to the login screen.

Depending on the device you are viewing the app on you may not see all the buttons. Simply scroll down if this is the case.

If you have never used the app before press or click the “Create a new account” button.

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On the next screen fill in the information requested. You should use the email address that you normally use for communicating with Gallowglass so we can configure a single login for you regardless of the other email addresses you may have.

When you click on Create account the App sends an acknowledgement email to you and a notification email to us. We use the information to locate your contact info in our systems at Gallowglass HQ and to map that info to your login as quickly as possible.

You will subsequently be sent an email with your login details.

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First time login

Having received your login details go back to the login screen, please enter the email address and the temporary password given to you in the welcome email.

Press or click the Log-In button and you will be taken to a new screen (see below) where you enter the email address again.

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On clicking Send Email you will receive a Password Reset link. Please check your Junk Email or Clutter folders if you haven’t received it within 10 minutes.

If you don't get it, email and we will happily help you.

Click on the link in the email to be taken to a screen as shown below.

Enter the password you would like to use in both password boxes and click Reset Now.

Once your password has been set you can return to the login screen, enter the email address and new password you just set and login.

If you tick the Remember Me box it will remember your login details for next time.

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Request a quote
Fill in our quote form and our orders team will email your estimate directly.