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The goal of this service is to provide you with a searchable database that may help you find out a bit more about the location you will be working on.

Just like Wikipedia, this information relies on individuals such as you adding content that may be useful.

We hope this will be a very useful service to you and your colleagues as time goes on.

These are early days so we are asking you to add content if you have the opportunity. We will be continuously looking to improve the functionality of this service.

To use the service, search for a venue. If we have it in our database it will appear in the search results. Please be aware that we know there are some duplicate venues. We are working on this.

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Clicking the details button will take you through to the current information.

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Adding To Or Changing Venue Info

If you want to edit any of the info in the description section, click on the Add Venue Info button.

Press the blue bar for the section you want to update and you will see the text editor.

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You can then edit or add additional information in the text editor.

You can update as many or as few sections as you want to.

Once you are done, press on the Send Email button to submit your changes to our moderators who will add your content as soon as is possible.

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Update Google Maps Reference

Don’t you just hate it when you enter an address in to Google Maps and it doesn’t take you to the right place. It annoys us a lot too!
We have added in a feature to allow you to update the reference point that the Client App uses for displaying map info.
All you need to do is find the venue in Google Maps and then use the Share Button in Google Maps to get a link.
Once you have that you can then click the Add Venue Info button on the client app and we have added somewhere for you to paste that info. While you are there you might want to add some info about the venue, but if not, click on the Send Email button and your changes whizz off to our moderators and it gets checked for accuracy and then posted up so the next time you click on the Google Maps button it will take you to the place you added.
If you happen to be onsite at the venue, you can use the Get My Location button and the app will do all the hard work for you. Just remember to click yes or allow when you get prompted so the app can talk to the GPS on your phone.
This should help your team onsite who use the app find the right place as well as our crew – always a bonus when everyone turns up at the same location!

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