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Gallowglass Client App

So you want to know more about our app? Welcome, you are in the right place.

Why a web app instead of an App Store App?

Well, we wanted to provide a useful tool that could be quickly modified based on our clients feedback during the early days. We also wanted it to be available for you to use on as many types of devices as possible with a consistent experience across them all. Long term the goal is to develop App Store Apps but this is a little way off.

The app is still in preview but we believe it will enhance your experience when working with Gallowglass. Don't think the word preview means not ready, it is. We have classed it as preview because we still want to add things based on your suggestions. Indeed we have already made several adjustments from feedback from our early users.

We are still making a lot of changes to the app so things may alter slightly when you compare screens with what you see in this guide.

Some current features may be removed, some may be added. This will all be based on feedback from you as the end user.

We like to think that the app is intuitive and easy to pick up without having to read through a guide like this, but we also wanted to provide a thorough read through for those that want to know more.

One thing we are really keen on is the Venue Wiki. Please do help us flesh out the information in this feature. Our ambition is to make this a truly useful tool for you, your colleagues and our crew allowing everyone to be prepared for what they may find when they get onsite.


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