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When you press on this link it takes you to the first of a series of summary screens.

The first screen lists the jobs we have for you or the clients you are working with.

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If you have a lot of jobs to review, you can use the filters to narrow down the list of jobs to just those you want to see.

Just press on the small navigation arrow to show the filter options form.

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You can filter by:

  • Date Range
  • Booking Title (what we have as the show or event name)
  • Booking Description (some people give us their internal job reference to appear here)
  • Venue
  • Onsite Contact (helpful if you are the onsite contact and only want to see the bookings related to you)
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Drilling Down To The Details

When you press on the Job Ref button (the bit with the JB number) you are taken to the Bookings Summary Screen which shows all the bookings we have for you broken down day by day.

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Use the navigation buttons to view a summary of the bookings for that day.

Pressing the Booking Ref button (the button with the number starting BK) will take you through to the details.

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There are links to Parkopedia, Google Maps and TFL that should take you to the appropriate info for the venue location.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Like some Sat Navs, we have found that the Google Maps doesn’t always get you to the correct location. This is down to how Google Maps searches for the address and is beyond our control. Please double check if in doubt. We make every effort to ensure the information we use is correct but we cannot guarantee how that info is handled by 3rd party services.

We provide the telephone numbers to facilitate contact on the day of the booking. If you wish to change anything you should contact the Gallowglass office on 0845 300 2468 or via email using

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Request a quote
Fill in our quote form and our orders team will email your estimate directly.