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We like to think you are always going to be happy with the crew we send. We also know that there are times when you would like to request a specific individual you have worked with before.

By taking the time to rate the crew we can provide you with a list of crew you have worked with before and would particularly like to work with again.

Clicking on the Rate Your Crew button on the dashboard will take you to the screen below.

If a job has started you are able to rate the crew on that job. Jobs that can be rated have a green Rate button enabled.

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Pressing the "Rate" button takes you on to the rating screen (below).

Simply set the appropriate rating score by choosing the face and enter a comment.

If you press the “Submit – I’m Done” button all crew get the same rating.

If you would like to single out a specific crew man who has gone above and beyond for you across the job, press the “Submit and go on to rate an individual crew man on the job” button

If there was a particular day on a long job that stood out you can choose the last option, “Submit and go on to rate a specific shift” button to find the particular day and then the particular crew that helped you out on that day.

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