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Covid-19 was something no one could have predicted and its impact on our beloved events industry was incredibly damaging. Our usual work across the country, including exhibitions, movie premieres and festivals, was being decimated and we found ourselves facilitating less than 1% of our expected jobs. Lockdown was enforced and all non-essential work and workers were told to stay at home in a bid to slow the spread of the infection. However, front line workers in healthcare, the NHS, Royal Mail, police, ambulance, and fire services continued to support the British public at this difficult time. Circle Agency approached us to support them and their client, Costa Coffee, in delivering care packages to those heroic people.

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We are thrilled to have contributed in some way towards helping those looking after us all. A total of 23 crew, across 6 of our 9 UK regions completed 212 shifts whilst driving thousands of miles around the country.

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The Gallowglass crew were diligent, disciplined, cheerful and committed. Well done to Costa Coffee and the Circle Agency for this wonderful initiative!

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