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Gallowglass Support CSG Events on Gladiators

Gallowglass Event Crew supported CSG Events for the return of the TV series "Gladiators", which aired on the BBC and was filmed at the Utilita Arena Sheffield. Our team was involved in all stages of the project, including load-in, build, rehearsals, live shows, derig, and load-out of the set and games.

The partnership between CSG Events and Gallowglass ensured that the series, known for its high-energy performances and complex set designs, was executed perfectly.

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The Build…..

The initial phase involved prepping the arena before the kit arrived, unloading trucks, and supporting elements such as rigging, lighting, obstacle courses, and various props and stages. Strict timelines and safety measures are vital at this stage, and the Gallowglass core team from London and Manchester showed their experience handling large-scale productions as they managed the intricacies of the set pieces and games.

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Practise makes perfect……

Following the build, attention turned to rehearsals for the live shows. This phase was important for fine-tuning various elements and became a competition between teams to improve turnaround times from one game to another. The crew remained on-site throughout, assisting with the setting up of each game, helping Gladiators and contestants on and off platforms, moving crash mats, and breaking down equipment and set pieces.

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Lights, camera, action! The weeks spent rehearsing and practicing the movement of equipment ensured that every game was set and ready to go on cue.

The Gladiators, contestants, spectators, and viewers experienced a total of nine different games, including Duel, Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Powerball, The Wall, and new additions like The Edge, Collision, and The Ring, culminating in the final event, the Eliminator.

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Time to pack it all away...

After the final live show, the crew dismantled all the games, set, lights, sound, and rigging. The team systematically disassembled the set, ensuring all components were safely removed and prepared for transport and storage.

Gallowglass’s relationship with CSG Events highlights our capability to support productions effectively from start to finish. Our involvement in the build, rehearsals, live shows, and derig was essential in ensuring the smooth execution of the series.

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“I just want to give a review of your team on Gladiators. I have worked in tv since 1983 and this is the hardest show I’ve had to organise and work on. Once I was here I had to sit and give realistic timings for the turnarounds between games, and your crew smashed every single one of them!!! It became a thing to try to beat our best time. Please accept my wholehearted thanks to everyone involved. Mark”

Mark Osbourne

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