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Project Summary

Where do you watch the greatest players on the grandest stage?

At the Royal Albert Hall that’s where; Grand Slam Champions, former World No.1s and national icons for a dazzling display of high quality tennis and entertainment.

How does this happen?

Let me tell you…


…in less than 24 hours the arena floor is cleared of its 1500 chairs, raised by 2.2 meters, re-floored, re-lit and completely transformed from concert venue into international sports arena. A total of 72 crew for the build/derig with man hours hitting the 738 mark.

2 kilometres of solid beams are laid and covered with 350 sheets of plywood (8’×4’) and fastened with over 2,000 screws. It takes 36 crew, 10 carpenters 14 hours just to lay this floor.

With the floor in place it’s time to lay the court, advertising hoardings & ancillaries; another 6 hours of work utilising 6 crew, aced it!

During the build & de-rig Gallowglass Health & Safety provided additional support which included; suppliers, staff and performers’ safety induction, on site advisor, safety planning, monitoring adherence to CPP, all this ensuring the highest standards were maintained.

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What Our Client Had To Say

It’s advantageous to have Gallowglass on this project as they know the building and its idiosyncrasies inside out. The crew were amazing and the Project Manager Mitch Luck went above and beyond, thank you.

Gareth Jones

Technical Operations Manager - Royal Albert Hall
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