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Project Summary

This was the first time that its series finale had taken place outside the UK, on the MV Britannia, while it was berthed in Barcelona. What better way to end the series and who do you call on to help make it happen?

Gallowglass UK & Gallowglass Spain, that’s who!

19 UK crew boarded the Britannia at Southampton and loaded kit ready to rig the set en route to Port de Barcelona. A simple task in calm conditions, this voyage was anything but calm, with the ship being battered by storms almost from the moment it set sail across the channel until dropping anchor in Spain. A challenge for all involved.

It took 4,536 man hours to complete and all the while in the midst of hundreds of regular paying passengers. In Spain, the crew was reinforced by 9 of our local Barcelona boys to run cables & kit from ship to shore and then complete the final de-rig to make sure the ship left on schedule to complete its Mediterranean cruise; over 2,016 man hours over 2 days.

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What Our Client Had to Said

What an absolute triumph!

I genuinely cannot begin to express my gratitude for every single person, whether here in Barcelona, or in London, for a truly spectacular series. And last night’s show exceeded every expectation, breaking new ground for what's possible and the culmination of months and months of work.
To say I'm proud is an understatement. My eyes genuinely pricked with tears - and that was just the open.... You have truly built a show that radiates pure joy and happiness from the moment it begins to the very last glorious second.
Congratulations everyone. The best creative experience I could have ever imagined. With the very, very best in front of the camera, and behind it.

Siobhan Greene

ITV Studios - Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
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