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At Gallowglass, a key aspect of our training is ensuring that each member of our crew feels prepared. All training, from their initial in-house training to the event specific health and safety training is important so that they, we and our clients are confident that they have the required skills to take on any job and achieve the desired result.

Following the on-boarding process, on-going training and refresher courses allow the crew to develop their skills. By participating in the wide variety of courses offered by Gallowglass Crewing, crew enhance their on-site skills. The following list highlights some of the courses that Gallowglass crew have completed. If you are looking for a career change that offers you the opportunity to train in different areas, why not consider event crew jobs in Manchester, London or any of our other locations?

IPAF 3a/b

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) is the leading training body for Scissor Lifts and “Cherry Picker” operators. The crew complete their training and operate these machines in some of the most interesting venues in the country.

First Aid

EFAW courses allow our crew to be reactive in the case of an injury or emergency. With more site experience they move on to take the more complex First Aid At Work course.

Working at Height

The event and entertainment businesses frequently require crew to be able to work at height. Specific training courses are given to all crew working on projects where this is a component part. The training ensures that they meet H&S requirements, understand the risks but also that they don’t suffer from vertigo!!

Other courses

We have mentioned only a few of the courses that Gallowglass crew have undertaken. Other have included: Level 1 Safety Passport, Traffic Banksman, Forklifts including counterbalance, rough terrain and telehandler models.

Gallowglass Training Limited

As part of the Gallowglass Group we have access to our own fully qualified trainers who not only meet the awarding bodies standards but in addition, can give our crew the benefit of their years of experience in the event and entertainment business.  Our own training company also enables Gallowglass Crew to be 100% up to date on the latest legislation ensuring that safety first underlies everything we do.

If the possibility of being able to work for a company that provides opportunities for you to further your career, sounds attractive, why not check out some of the other reasons our crew love working for Gallowglass? On our blog, we have articles on the top five things that you need to know before becoming an event crew member and how to make your cv stand out to apply for an events crew job.

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Jon Sigsworth

Managing Director, Gallowglass Crewing. Posted on 06 Oct 2017
About the author
The whole of Jon’s 15 years’ events industry experience have been spent with Gallowglass – beginning when he joined our Northern management team co-ordinating crewing operations in the run-up to the Manchester Commonwealth Games. As his management responsibilities have grown, he has led teams in the delivery of a wide range corporate and public events, from the London 2012 Olympics to building the Fortress fence around the Glastonbury Festival.
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