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Like many applications for job roles, tailoring your covering letter and CV to the position you are applying for is essential in ensuring your application stands out from the rest. Here at Gallowglass, we don't need applicants to have endless experience in the industry (although it can help). However, we would advise applicants to make every effort to clearly highlight the transferable skills of your previous experience that can be applied to our event crew jobs. The nature of event crew work is often laborious; therefore, we would advise highlighting any employment or personal experience and/or training you have that would be relevant to the role. You can even explain any skills and experience further in a covering letter to show your suitability.

Just as employment history is vital to a successful CV, your characteristics, known often as adaptive skills, are particularly persuasive tools in the review process of your application for event crew jobs in Manchester, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool and many more places around the UK. Because Gallowglass offer on-going training from day one for the less experienced members that join our team, and a can-do attitude and strong working ethic are essential, particularly as these are elements that cannot be taught!

When writing your adaptive skills, you can incorporate these into your job role descriptions; however, to make them stand out it may be more worthwhile dedicating a whole section to this. Where possible, avoid generic terms, demonstrate how these characteristics are applicable to the role and always be truthful. Hard-working candidates who demonstrate these skills will be able to further their career in the industry by participating in qualifications paid by Gallowglass, after the initial training processes.

Whilst content is the most important element of your CV, the styling of your CV will make it easier for us to read. Ensure that the layout and font of your CV is kept simple so that is can be easily read, and allow space for us to make notes on a physical version of it. Create clear headings for each section and make sure there is no overlap of content or repetition of points. Readability will also be benefited by avoiding easy mistakes; whilst high levels of reading and writing skills are not necessary for a job in the event crew industry, it is important to demonstrate that you are a conscientious individual and that you have taken the time and care in the application process. We would recommend checking the spelling and grammar of your CV in an application such as Microsoft Word before uploading.

Another tip is to make sure that you add an updated version of your CV to the Gallowglass application form; this will ensure any important information or recent employment can be taken into consideration in our reviews of suitability.

We would also be interested to hear why you are applying for the job with Gallowglass and how you think that our crew would benefit from the skills and personality you could bring, so whether you have a wealth of experience in event crew work or want to begin an exciting career in the industry- let us know! Be sure to use this opportunity to demonstrate the enthusiasm you will bring to the company in your day-to-day role.

We look forward to receiving your application soon and if you have any questions regarding working in event crews, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Chris Parry-Jones

Group Director, Human Resources, Gallowglass Group Posted on 11 Jul 2017
About the author
An expert in employee relations, Chris brought her extensive HR experience to Gallowglass in 2004, after working for several high-profile European organisations. Overseeing the Group’s entire HR function, she is responsible for the recruitment and personal development of its 600+ workforce. A firm believer that nothing happens without sound leadership and bottom-up opportunity, Chris is a champion of training – to ensure that crews are both safe and compliant with legal regulations.
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