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Training is an essential part of our business, and we’re constantly working with clients to extend our offering and improve our services. Working in such a fast-paced industry, we have to stay at the forefront of innovation. That’s why, earlier this month, 20 members of our crew from 4 different regions had the exciting opportunity to visit Delta Live and spend a day training with sound experts. Here’s what happened:

What is Delta Live?

Delta Live offer a range of event production services including equipment rental, audio and technology solutions - from over 50 offices across the globe. They have worked on a number of exciting projects since launching in 1988, most recently including the Mulberry Fashion Experience in London, Britain’s Got Talent live auditions and BBC Proms. So, we thought who better to approach to get our teams up-to-speed on sound training than one of the biggest names in the industry- Delta Live!

Gallowglass training at Delta Live

The idea for this training was initially generated at a Christmas drinks party, funnily enough! Os Diez, Head of Operations, and Mark Sawyer, Senior Project Manager, were in discussion over how Gallowglass could improve the crew’s knowledge to support sound engineers onsite. Just a few short months later, the crew were ready to take on the challenge.

Our training day at Delta Live was an ‘Introduction to Sound Compliance Level 1’ course, where each of the 20 crew received a signed certificate at the end. This all took place at the Delta Live head office and warehouse facility in Surrey in March 2018.

What did the training day involve?

Our crews were split into teams of five; each supported by two sound engineer trainers. To begin, the teams were talked through a complete audio system set-up, the different plugs and cables, their uses and where they all connected, as well as certain parts that needed special care, for both health and safety reasons and to protect the fragile equipment.

Once the initial intro to the equipment was complete, the teams were asked to break the kit down and pack it away in the correct manner, as Delta Live would expect their kit to be returned. After that, it was time to rebuild the entire system to test their knowledge. Once everything was re-built, the crews were encouraged to experiment with the mixing desk to see if they could produce a good sound, which was a fantastic hands-on experience for all.

Emmanuel, one of the sound engineer trainers, commented: “It was a real pleasure to teach the Gallowglass crew; despite their different levels of understanding they were all eager to learn and asked some great questions.”

Regional Senior Crew Chief Matthew Sargent said "It was a really good and informative experience! We all learnt something new which will definitely come in handy on site and that all our clients will be able to benefit from."

Following the success of our first round of sound training, we’ll be sending plenty more of our crew off for a day-trip to Delta Live over the next few months! This is just one of the many training opportunities available to our event crew in London and elsewhere in the UK. Don’t forget to check out our social media channels to see what else our crews get up to in 2018, it’s going to be a big year!

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Chris Parry-Jones

Group Director, Human Resources, Gallowglass Group Posted on 26 Mar 2018
About the author
An expert in employee relations, Chris brought her extensive HR experience to Gallowglass in 2004, after working for several high-profile European organisations. Overseeing the Group’s entire HR function, she is responsible for the recruitment and personal development of its 600+ workforce. A firm believer that nothing happens without sound leadership and bottom-up opportunity, Chris is a champion of training – to ensure that crews are both safe and compliant with legal regulations.
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