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Career progression is a hot topic in industry today for many reasons, including benefitting employers and engaging employees. Here at Gallowglass, we’re proud to offer our crews a diverse range of opportunities through in-house and external training programmes, as well as paid qualifications and promotions. Many of our senior staff have progressed from basic crew to regional managers during their time with us. Over the years they have gained an understanding of the different aspects of the business, as well as enjoying increased responsibilities within their roles. In this feature, we explain why offering routes for career progression is so important to us:

To engage employees and encourage loyalty

We believe it’s the chance to grow and learn with us that keeps our employees motivated and loyal. Gallowglass crews have had opportunities to work on countless exciting projects over the years, but these only come their way after a lot of hard work. These fantastic and often exclusive events are a key incentive to remain with the company alongside the other work benefits we provide.

For professional and financial growth

Our in-house training programmes ensure that we not only meet industry standards but also help our employees to develop the skills that will enable them to move into higher positions. It’s important to us that our people have a clear view of how they can progress within the company so that we can move forwards together. According to statistics, professional and financial growth are major factors in job satisfaction and staff motivation.

To benefit Gallowglass with experience

It’s in our interest to retain as many employees as possible, so we can benefit from their acquired experience and loyalty. This in turn, will assist present and future members of the team. As the Number One provider of event crew in the UK, we’ve worked with a vast number of clients in multiple sectors, which means that we can provide staff in a number of specialist areas. If a client comes to us and we don’t have crew members with the required skills, we’ll often outsource training for a select number of staff so that we can expand on our offering and enhance our services.

We know that many employees initially start off with Gallowglass as a fill-in job, but we’ve got numerous examples of those who later decide that a career in the events industry has long-term potential. Our Group Business Development Director, Matt Storey is a fantastic example of this; he joined us as a crew member to support his acting career 21 years ago, and look at how his career has grown since then! Adam Cable, our London Regional Manager says that his wife told him to get a different kind of job after finishing his career in hospitality as a bar manager and there were Gallowglass positions available. 7 years on and Adam has progressed through the ranks and manages one of our biggest UK teams!

Increased return on investment

Gallowglass know that you must invest in staff to get the best results. With staff benefits, flexible working hours and plenty of training and development opportunities, we try to maximise the potential of each individual. The available courses and training programmes tend to be expensive, but we cover the cost for our employees as part of our training programmes because we see this as an essential part of our own business growth.

Gaining and retaining employees

The career progression opportunities offered at Gallowglass are a key part of our attractive job package. We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic, hard-working crew to join our teams across the UK and Europe, so if you’re looking for an event crew job in Edinburgh, Bristol or any of our other locations, then why not apply today? The flexibility offered by our jobs, combined with the opportunities for growth, mean that you can work to obtain new skills and experiences to advance your career.

We asked a few of our team here at Gallowglass ‘how has your career grown?’ and here are some of their replies:

“Massively, I started as a PBC (probation crewman) and was a Crew Chief within 10 Months. As a result of the London Olympics and the intensive nature of the work involved at the time, I was promoted up through the ranks quicker than it would normally take. I then became London Regional Manager in January 2017 after my years of service on the crew and by learning our Navision system while supporting our Operations Team in our busiest periods.” – Adam Cable, London Regional Manager.

“Within 14 months I was promoted to Elite Crewman and have since been fully trained in Navision, sales and serve the company as a Duty Manager outside of working hours. And I don’t want to stop there, next stop CC (Crew Chief), then who knows!” - Konstantinos Chantavas – Elite Crew

Do you think a job with Gallowglass could be for you? We have event crew jobs in Edinburgh, London, Bristol and elsewhere in the UK and Europe which could be the perfect place for you to progress!

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Chris Parry-Jones

Group Director, Human Resources, Gallowglass Group Posted on 17 Nov 2017
About the author
An expert in employee relations, Chris brought her extensive HR experience to Gallowglass in 2004, after working for several high-profile European organisations. Overseeing the Group’s entire HR function, she is responsible for the recruitment and personal development of its 600+ workforce. A firm believer that nothing happens without sound leadership and bottom-up opportunity, Chris is a champion of training – to ensure that crews are both safe and compliant with legal regulations.
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