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As the UK’s most successful event crew providers, we are always on the lookout for recruits to join us here at Gallowglass. But, as many of our team will tell you, working in events is a challenging yet rewarding occupation, one that requires a necessary skillset to ensure success within this dynamic industry. Consequently, if you are aspiring to a career in events, whether as part of an event crew in London or a freelance events manager, these six qualities will undoubtedly come in handy:

1.   Interpersonal skills

Whatever your role in events, the likelihood is that you will be working as part of a team to ensure an event runs smoothly and successfully. So, developing good interpersonal skills is vital as this will not only enable you to work well with your colleagues but with clients too, helping you to deliver a service that’s both efficient and friendly. From our crewman on the ground to our banksmen behind the scenes, the staff here at Gallowglass work tirelessly with one another to ensure our clients are always happy with the service we provide.

2.   Energy

Whether you’ve been constructing a stage for hours on end or are putting together the finishing touches to a detailed event plan, the events industry is incredibly demanding and requires a high level of energy to be successful. Consequently, if you can bring vitality and dedication to the job, you are sure to thrive in this ever-expanding sector. There’s no doubt that it’s the zest and vibrancy that our team members bring to events crewing every day that makes us the UK’s leading event crew providers, so energy is a must from us.

3.   Eye for detail

It really is the little things that matter, especially when it comes to events, so a keen eye for detail is crucial. From identifying a spelling mistake on an events crew recruitment advert to unblocking a fire exit at one of the UK’s largest stadiums, a keen sense of observation will enable you to spot problems before they even arise, making our job as event crew providers easier, while enhancing the experience for those attending the events we work at. 

4.   Flexibility

Working on end-to-end projects, things never stay the same for long in the events industry. So, being flexible in your approach to work will not only make you a valuable member of any events team but will also enable you to keep up with the lively nature of the industry and experience things you never thought you would. Here at Gallowglass, our crewmen get to enjoy being part of a plethora of fantastic events - including concerts, music festivals and sporting events; all as the result of being flexible with their working hours!

5.   Resilience

As previously mentioned, the events industry can often be challenging and will certainly put you through your paces whatever your role. For those who want to flourish, resilience is a vital quality that will enable you to work with your colleagues to get a job done, whether that’s putting a stage together at the very last minute or working on an events marketing campaign through the night to ensure it’s nothing but perfect.

At Gallowglass, we always reward staff for their work efforts and continually encourage them to push themselves further - we provide the opportunity for career progression to all of our team members.

6.   The ability to multitask

Finally, while we offer a diverse selection of roles ranging from basic crewing positions to more specialist occupations such as plant operators and apparatus technicians, the likelihood is that multitasking will come in handy whatever your role at Gallowglass. For instance, many of our crewman often come into contact with our clients while setting-up staging or installing projectors, so we look for not only technical capabilities but also social skills, to ensure they reinforce our clients’ trust that we are providing the smartest and most efficient service possible.

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Chris Parry-Jones

Group Director, Human Resources, Gallowglass Group Posted on 31 Aug 2018
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An expert in employee relations, Chris brought her extensive HR experience to Gallowglass in 2004, after working for several high-profile European organisations. Overseeing the Group’s entire HR function, she is responsible for the recruitment and personal development of its 600+ workforce. A firm believer that nothing happens without sound leadership and bottom-up opportunity, Chris is a champion of training – to ensure that crews are both safe and compliant with legal regulations.
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