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Have you been stuck in a rut for a while at work or feeling the need to make some life changes? Either way, the start of a shiny New Year offers the perfect opportunity to take up a fresh challenge.

Although leaving a safe, predictable job may seem like a daunting prospect, changing direction might just turn out to be the best thing you ever did. Many Gallowglass crew members took that leap of faith and have never looked back! So, if you’re interested in finding out how event crewing could be the perfect fit for you, check out our guide below:


That nine-to-five routine spells monotony, with its predetermined schedule and lack of flexibility. One of the benefits of working as event crew is that you can fit the role around the rest of your life. Luke Meredith, General Crewmen in our London division, believes that no other job offers this degree of freedom. “Working with Gallowglass suits the travelling lifestyle,” he says. “Putting-in as many hours as possible, and then taking days, weeks or even months off at a time without any question. I can go on trips all over Europe and then come straight back into a job”.


Our crews get involved in exciting projects throughout the year. From installing Christmas lights in the winter to working at some of the UK’s most popular festivals, they help to build a plethora of spectacular exhibitions and public events. Gallowglass also work behind-the-scenes at private and sometimes secret functions in locations that members of the public never get to see.


You may currently feel trapped in your current job, and frustrated by the limitations of your role. Here at Gallowglass, we understand the importance of career progression. You would be offered a range of opportunities, from in-house training to external specialist courses, which can result in both paid qualifications and promotion. In fact, several of our crew members have progressed to regional managers within just a few years of joining the company!


No two days at Gallowglass are the same. The variety of jobs that we deliver is endless - from theatre and museum installations to festivals and exhibitions. This diversity is refreshing and keeps the motivation of our event crew members high. And it’s not just the jobs that are varied; it’s the locations too. You could find yourself working event crew jobs in Barcelona, Bristol or Edinburgh, as well as London, Manchester and Birmingham - or in a field in the middle of the countryside!

Here at Gallowglass, we believe that the New Year is the perfect time to take the plunge. Why not check out some of our blog posts that bring to life the experience of being an event crew member - and see how we train our crews to work in a variety of different environments. And if this whets your appetite, then contact us today!

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Jon Sigsworth

Managing Director, Gallowglass Crewing. Posted on 04 Jan 2018
About the author
The whole of Jon’s 15 years’ events industry experience have been spent with Gallowglass – beginning when he joined our Northern management team co-ordinating crewing operations in the run-up to the Manchester Commonwealth Games. As his management responsibilities have grown, he has led teams in the delivery of a wide range corporate and public events, from the London 2012 Olympics to building the Fortress fence around the Glastonbury Festival.
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