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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of events? It might be that you think of an event in relation to sports, e.g. the Olympics, or it might be that festivals such as Glastonbury spring to mind, or your mind might drift to the corporate side of things! The word ‘events’ can mean different things to different people, and with the wide array of things that the single word encompasses, we’re here today to discuss the plethora of businesses and activities that fall into this simple single word.

Corporate Events

A substantial portion of the events industry is made up with corporate gatherings; these can range from training conferences, exhibitions and meetings to networking socials, fundraisers, trade shows and plenty more. These are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to come together to share ideas, raise visibility, seek funding or investments and showcase their offerings to a wider audience. Here at Gallowglass, we are highly experienced in dealing with the corporate side of the industry, having worked on exciting large events such as the Mobile World Congress 2017 with our event crew in Barcelona, which in total covered the space of 44 football pitches and showcased well-known brands such as Google, Android and Sony!

Television Events

From filming live sets to the production of famous films, there is so much work that goes into creating every program, documentary and film that you see on the big screen. These events need a high level of security, health and safety and skilled crew members to ensure success alongside the wider filming and acting crew. Having recently been a part of the filming of the latest Transformers Film ‘The Last Knight’, and the filming of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway upon a cruise ship, we know and love television and film events!

Live Theatre & Music Events

Live productions and performances are well loved globally, with this category encompassing everything from music and acting to dance and spoken word. Our event crew in London have worked on a wide array of live performances over the years at some of the most prestigious locations in the UK including The National Theatre, Regents Park Open Air Theatre, Piccadilly Theatre and Bristol Hippodrome.

Sports Events

Sporting events are incredibly popular, both in the UK and abroad, with grand gatherings such as the Olympics drawing the attention of the whole wide world to see the skill and talent of the competitors! Aside from the Olympics, there are plenty of other smaller sporting experiences that happen all year round, including Wimbledon Tennis and The World Cup of Gymnastics to name a few. There are venues worldwide which are transformed by crews such as ourselves to host grand events, bringing a great deal of tourism and an economic boost to the location, whilst providing world-class entertainment for all to enjoy.

Fashion Events

The fashion industry is booming, and as we head into September, one of the biggest fashion events in the UK is about to begin, with London Fashion Week just a few weeks away; Gallowglass has already begun working on building set and stages for this annual event! Showcases such as these not only allow designers and brands to exhibit their latest designs, but also dictate the trends and colours for the season ahead. Catwalks make up a large portion of this category, from small independent viewings to grand shows where only the top influencers and celebrities will be granted an invite. Many of these shows are now even live streamed for all to see, giving everyone a glimpse into the glamorous industry of fashion.


With the festival season drawing to a close, we’re proud to say that we’ve yet again been a part of building aspects of some of the biggest in the world, including building a 4.12m high Super Fortress fence running around the site’s 8km perimeter including the second interior mesh fence for Glastonbury, and setting up and de-rigging seven of the eight stages at Reading. Festivals then also split into a plethora of niches, with food festivals growing in popularity over the last few years, music festivals, car festivals (such as Goodwood Festival of Speed) and country festivals. Each of these attracts a different audience and requires a different level of human resources depending on the size and theme.

The events mentioned above are some of the best known and popular of the industry; however, that doesn’t mean to say that this list is conclusive. If you are looking to hire event crew, get in touch today to find out how we could help!

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Antony Cook

Posted on 05 Sep 2017
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