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Meet the Team: Interview with Steve Reinders

Have you considered applying for a job as a crew member with Gallowglass? We have teams of dedicated crew all over the UK providing our specialist services to an array of events every single day. To e… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 15 Feb 2018

Quality Vs. Cost: What Does Today’s Event Industry Prioritise?

As the UK economy continues to wobble, controlling budgets and ensuring money is being spent prudently are at the top of every business’s agenda. But cutting costs without considering the potential co… Read More

Matt Storey

Posted on 02 Feb 2018

Gallowglass Business Highlights for 2017

2017 was another fantastic year for us here at Gallowglass. We have had so many incredible experiences and love being a part of the vibrant world of events. If you keep up to date with our blog, you’v… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 24 Jan 2018

Meet the Team: Interview with Crew Chief Henry Taylor

Are you thinking of applying to become an event crew member with Gallowglass? We interviewed Crew Chief Henry Taylor to find out a little more about his day-to-day role in the company, and hear what h… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 22 Jan 2018

How to Get a Job in the Events Industry

Getting a job in one of the most exciting and innovative industries in the world can be difficult. Every company these days expects you to have relevant experience or be good friends with someone in t… Read More

Nick Grecian

Posted on 11 Jan 2018

Get to Know the Gallowglass Crew

As we make our way into January, you might be wondering about a career change, but you may not know if you’ve got what it takes. At Gallowglass, we have teams of dedicated crew who work tirelessly to… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 08 Jan 2018

New Year, New Job?

Have you been stuck in a rut for a while at work or feeling the need to make some life changes? Either way, the start of a shiny New Year offers the perfect opportunity to take up a fresh challenge. Read More

Jon Sigsworth

Posted on 04 Jan 2018

Christmas at Gallowglass

Many people assume that event crewing is largely a summertime activity, but in fact the countdown to Christmas brings plenty of work opportunities – and a lot of unique experiences. From some of the s… Read More

Nick Grecian

Posted on 06 Dec 2017

GDPR - Getting Started Part 3

In the previous post I mentioned password protecting/encrypting a document or spreadsheet containing personal information. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Read More

Darren Thorley

Posted on 01 Dec 2017
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