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Exploring the World of Exhibitions

Gallowglass have supplied trained and skilled manpower to conference and exhibition centres all over the UK and Europe. As events specialists with a workforce of over 600, our commitment to maximising… Read More

Nick Grecian

Posted on 30 Oct 2017

The Secret World of Events

As event crewing specialists, we have over 20 years’ experience in every sector of the events industry. From theatre productions, road shows and exhibitions to festivals, corporate events, films and m… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 20 Oct 2017

Exploring the Vast World of Events

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of events? It might be that you think of an event in relation to sports, e.g. the Olympics, or it might be that festivals such as Glastonbury… Read More

Antony Cook

Posted on 05 Sep 2017

5 Ways To Make Your Event More Cost-Effective

With the events industry growing at an astounding rate, it is becoming more and more important to achieve a high level of efficiency. From making each experience as cost-effective as possible to energ… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 24 Aug 2017

London - The Events Capital of the UK

It is a well-known fact that London is the events capital of the UK, with more events going on in a weekly time frame than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. From business conferences, exhibitions a… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 14 Aug 2017

The Present and Future of the Events Industry

The events industry in the UK alone has seen a rapid growth over the last 10 years, with the rise of festivals and changes in consumer behaviour meaning that more people than ever are attending events… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 01 Aug 2017
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