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UK Named Second-Best Location in the World for Meetings and Events

International awards programme Eventex has named the UK second-best location in the world for meetings and events. Read More

Chris Parry-Jones

Posted on 04 Sep 2018

6 Qualities Needed to Work in the Events Industry

As the UK’s most successful event crew providers, we are always on the lookout for recruits to join us here at Gallowglass. But, as many of our team will tell you, working in events is a challenging y… Read More

Chris Parry-Jones

Posted on 31 Aug 2018

Gallowglass Joins Events Industry Talent Taskforce

Gallowglass offering event crew jobs in the UK is one of several leading UK events companies to have collaborated on the The UK Events Industry Board Talent Taskforce to create a programme of research… Read More

Nick Grecian

Posted on 10 Aug 2018

Is the Events Industry Still a Viable Career Path?

Working in the events industry can seem to many like a perfect place to start a career, with exciting experiences popping up all over the UK, a wide selection of different roles and an ever-changing l… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 19 Jul 2018

Gallowglass: What’s in a Name?

Global organisations pay branding agencies millions of pounds to devise zeitgeisty names for new products and companies, but we think the circumstances behind the selection of the iconic ‘Gallowglass’… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 27 Jun 2018

Gallowglass: Supporting Television Production at dock10

Although Gallowglass has built its reputation as a provider of event crews for conferences, exhibitions, sporting and public events, for the last six years we’ve also been working in the TV industry,… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 12 Jun 2018

Howard’s Way Walk Fundraiser

For the 10th anniversary of the Howard’s Way Walk, a group of events professionals will be tackling the Ridgeway, from Wiltshire to Herfordshire, as part of a long-standing mission to raise money for… Read More

Nick Grecian

Posted on 25 May 2018

Gender Equality in the Events Industry

A hot topic in every industry at the moment is that of gender equality. While many obstacles have been tackled, it’s clear that there’s still some way to go before UK employers can boast a truly level… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 13 Apr 2018

Gallowglass Crew Training at Delta Live

Training is an essential part of our business, and we’re constantly working with clients to extend our offering and improve our services. Working in such a fast-paced industry, we have to stay at the… Read More

Chris Parry-Jones

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
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