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Gallowglass were awarded the Best Crewing Supplier at The Event Production Awards 2019 at the Hotel Novotel West London last Thursday 14th March. Nick Grecian, Managing Director of Gallowglass, shares his delight and comments on the reasons why it was so special;


It was particularly satisfying to be awarded the Best Crewing Supplier at this year’s Event Production Awards. Yes, we all love to win something but the reasons for this win is what made it so special.

For years, we have been investing in delivering what our clients really need, both on and offsite. Peace of Mind!

It all starts with the first contact in the office when we start to build a picture of the job and the actual requirements. This means that not only can we ensure that the guys with the right skill sets are despatched to site but also that the Health & Safety requirements are met. That is two potential production manager headaches removed.

By using our Crew and Client Apps, we know that the crew have all the information to avoid any confusion when heading to the job and that you, the client, have all their contact details and ID that complies with the GDPR rules. Two more headaches scrubbed.

In addition, the App allows for prompt feedback too so you can rate the crew and note your favourites, for next time.

No-one wants to be that PM stood in a remote field at 05:00hrs wondering where the hell his team are. We don't want you to be that person either.

I know we send the best crew onsite but hopefully, with the back office support, you also get the best service.

If you were one of the very kind judges - thank you for recognising this! If you weren't, or haven't experienced the comfort that comes with using Gallowglass - why not give us a call?

Congratulations to all the other nominees and winners.

Nick Grecian"

If you would like to try our Client App, click here for more information and how to get up and running. We have regional support from Nine different UK locations as well as one in Barcelona, where our event crew are available and ready to assist with any request.

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Nick Grecian

Managing Director, Gallowglass Group Posted on 20 Mar 2019
About the author
Having joined his brother in founding the company in 1996, Nick set up Gallowglass Scotland, the first in a series of regional UK offices. He has subsequently led the company’s expansion into new markets – including television, theatre and festivals – at the same time broadening its international offering. He has overall responsibility for the Group’s five* companies and oversees Gallowglass’ international activity.
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