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Getting a job in one of the most exciting and innovative industries in the world can be difficult. Every company these days expects you to have relevant experience or be good friends with someone in the know. But help is at hand - we’ve got some top tips on how to get your foot in the door of the events world and gain some invaluable experience along the way!


Knowledge is certainly power in the events industry, and the more up-to-date you are with the latest innovations, happenings and legislation; the better-informed you’ll be when applying for a specific job. The internet is a power hub of information, and you can find some fantastic blogs (ours included!) that not only highlight industry trends and issues, but also explain their relevance to the people working in the sector. Additionally, courses in events management and related topics can provide insights into what goes on behind the scenes. For practical knowledge, however, it’s hands on experience that’s key, but don’t worry, we’re moving onto that next.

Volunteer work

There are hundreds of events all over the world that welcome eager volunteers. This offers a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience, and make useful contacts along the way. These volunteering stints are often short, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, and may help you narrow down the particular area of event activity that you’d most like to work in. This could include anything from production, operations or security, to guest relations or marketing. Festivals tend to be top of the list for taking-on volunteers in exchange for a free ticket, so your first taste of the industry could be fun as well as educational. However, there are plenty of other public events that rely on volunteers, so don’t be afraid to enquire when you read about upcoming events near you.

Event Crewing

If unpaid volunteer work doesn’t appeal, an event crew job at Gallowglass might be just the ticket! Many of our people start off with us to get a foot in the door and gain experience, but discover a real love for crewing, and often stay on, progressing up the ranks! Because we work on a huge variety of events in the UK and abroad, from festivals and sporting to corporate and TV, our crews get to sample a plethora of unique and challenging experiences, providing a fantastic grounding that will aid them wherever their career takes them next. If you’re looking for event crew jobs in Bristol or elsewhere in the UK, why not apply to work for us today?


As with pretty much every other sector of work, having useful contacts can open many doors for your career. Thanks to social media, networking has never been easier, particularly in industries such as ours! Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you not only follow and join in the latest industry conversations, but also make valuable connections. LinkedIn is a fantastic place to search for new job openings, opportunities and experiences, as well as to learn from others. Ensure that all of your social media channels are kept up-to-date and professional, as employers often take a look at these platforms for extra information.

Attend Events

Our last and final tip in getting a job in the events industry may seem simple, but is of utmost importance. Whether you want to work behind the scenes on marketing campaigns or literally be involved on the ground, you’ll need an understanding of the way events are run. By attending a few of them yourself, you’ll be able to observe how the organisers manage the operational aspects, liaise with guests, visitors and participants, and generally create a memorable evening/day/week for all who attend. When you’re working on events, every experience is different, and with ever-changing client requirements and rapid technological advances; the learning process never ends, so boredom will definitely never be a problem! And again, the people you meet will provide a valuable contribution to your industry education, as well as useful connections that could help you further down the line.

The hardest part is getting started, so why not check out some of our other blogs to start your learning journey today?

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