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The number of people attending festivals each year has been growing at a considerable rate for many years now. Research conducted by Mintel found that Britain is officially a nation of partygoers with over a quarter (26%) of UK adults attending a music festival from May 2018 to May 2019.

Considering the fact that music is more accessible than ever before, through both free and paid services, it is astounding quite how much the festival market has grown over the last decade.

Increasing Need for Event Crews

With the rising number of festivals in both the UK and abroad, the need for a crew to set up and take down the festival stages, lighting and equipment has also grown. There are many reasons for these increases, and we’re here to explore a few of them.

A Generation of Experience Seekers

It seems that we are becoming less materialistic as the years pass. We are more inclined to spend our hard-earned money on real-life experiences, including festivals.

A Memory is Worth So Much More Than an Object

The shift in the market is predominantly seen in the Millennial generation, where a memory is worth so much more than an object. That doesn’t mean to say that our spending on material goods has wavered. It is simply that priorities have changed, and we are now more willing than ever to part with cash for a few days of happiness at the biggest and best (or smallest and most unique) festivals.

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The Power of Social Media

Social media as a marketing tool has rocketed in the last few years, giving festivals of all sizes a massive opportunity to show potential attendees what they have on offer.

We Love to Share Our Experiences Online

As the need to share experiences with one another increases, festivals have greater visibility than ever as attendees will often share multiple photos and videos of their time there and this results in, essentially, free marketing for the events.

The Fear of Missing Out Encourages People to Attend

The constant sharing of experience also spurs on the green-eyed monster, giving many a fear of missing out; therefore booking last minute tickets or waking up at the crack of dawn to purchase those precious Glastonbury tickets has become the norm. You don’t want to see images of your peers having fun without you, so you must be involved!

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Unique Experiences

Each individual festival offers a unique experience, and the creators of these events spend massive amounts of time planning and curating ideas that will give them a unique selling point, setting them aside from all the rest.

Attending Just One Festival A Year Is No Longer Enough

The diversity has helped to increase the number of festivals individuals attend each year – one is no longer enough. Whether it is an incredible glamping opportunity, a chance to learn the latest circus skill or a rain zorbing experience, every festival has something a little different waiting to be enjoyed.

People Visit Festivals for The Whole Package

Attendees no longer visit a festival purely for the music, but for the variety of experiences available, drawing them in as a full package, from music and food to comedy and culture, and an array of other activities.

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Alternative Short Breaks

For those who are in need of a short getaway from their busy schedules, a festival is a perfect escape!

A Staycation to A UK Festival is a Fantastic Opportunity

With glamping abodes readily available to make the experiences more enjoyable and with plenty to see and do, taking a staycation to a UK festival is a fantastic opportunity to kick back and relax in a vibrant and entertaining environment!

There Are Festivals to Suit All Personalities

Some festivals are family-friendly, and others are more suited to those looking to party the night away, meaning that there is an event to suit a variety of personalities.

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Festivals are a Key Part of the Economy

With the numbers of festivals increasing on a yearly basis, and others growing in size at an incredible rate, festivals are a key part of the economy.

Festivals Benefit the Attendees and Those Looking for Work

Festivals benefit all parties, with attendees being able to enjoy an incredibly unique experience, and workers being given the opportunity to work on an array of fantastic projects in the run-up and rundown of the events. Festivals offer opportunities for everyone!

Gallowglass Regularly Work with Many UK Festivals

Here at Gallowglass, we have worked on an array of festivals, including Glastonbury, Creamfields, Lovebox, Wireless, Boomtown and of course Reading (who we have worked with since 2004).

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The Reality of Crew Work on a Festival

In the crewing world, no two days are ever the same – you are likely to be unloading trucks, building stages, wiring lighting rigs, stacking speakers, putting-up barriers and signage, and then returning at the end of the festival to take it all down again.

The hours can be anti-social; sometimes crews even work through the night in all kinds of weather, but the team spirit is amazing. As well as the gritty realities, there is the excitement of getting to see and be involved with the behind the scenes of how festivals get put together.

For more information on becoming an events crew member, take a look at our previous blog!

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If you would like to be part of our event crew in the UK, with opportunities available helping to set up for some of the biggest UK festivals, why not apply today? The dynamic and eclectic jobs available mean that you too can be a part of the ever-growing popularity of festivals!

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