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In February 2015 we began testing our Crew App with a plucky band of volunteers led by Paul “Chopper” Armstrong.

The goal was to integrate our back-office systems with an easily accessible app so our crew can get near real-time information about their shifts.

How Well Has the Gallowglass Crew App Performed Since the Launch?

Since then, the Crew App has become a critical part of the way information is shared among our crew. It reassures our clients that the team they have asked for will turn up at the right place at the right time.

All of our crew rely on the Crew App, not only for their shift information but also for managing their hours worked onsite. The Crew App means they can be confident that any extra work they do is paid promptly at the right time.

A Timeline of The Gallowglass Crew App

As we continually tweak the Crew App, to improve it further, some key milestones have happened:

16.02.2015 – Crew App testing began.

22.05.2015 – Crew App 2.0 launches and the Crew App is made live.

01.11.2016 – Time Off Management added to the Crew App, allowing the crew to make the office aware of their availability to work efficiently.

14.11.2016 – Job Sign Off added to the Crew App, ensuring both the office and client know when the shift has ended and whether any additional hours have been worked onsite.

25.01.2017 – Venue Wiki added to the Crew App, allowing the crew to update information that helps everyone know about that “special” bit of information that is not available on the public websites.

24.04.2017 – Shared Announcements added to the Crew App, allowing information to be shared between the Client and Crew Apps.

31.08.2017 – All of the apps get a makeover, and client profile pictures can appear on the Crew App so that our crew can recognise who the onsite contact is.

09.02.2018 – Timesheet Management and Pay Information added to the Crew App.

22.11.2018 – Document Library and Information Sharing added to the Crew App, allowing clients to upload RAMS via the Client App and have it appear on the Crew App so that the correct crew can review before work begins.

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The Gallowglass Client App

The Crew App was such a success for our crew that we went onto develop an app for our clients.

The Client App was launched in December 2016, and in that time, hundreds of individuals have logged in to take advantage of this service.

It proved to be a massive success, with clients who use it immediately seeing the benefits of getting information about the crew they will be working with, along with being able to review the orders they have placed with us on any device with a web browser.

If you have placed an order with us, you can sign up for our Client App. We then match your login details to the orders you have with us and send you the information to get started. You can find out more here.

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Darren Thorley

Head of IT, Gallowglass Group Posted on 20 Feb 2020
About the author
Darren entered the event management business as a funeral director! But his passion for systems soon led him towards a career in IT. Joining Gallowglass in 2003, he now manages all of our technology resources - including a sophisticated order management system providing in-depth analysis of over 9,000 jobs a year and an active client list of 5,000 companies. He drives our leadership in technological innovation - including areas such as data security and crew-client communications.
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