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Meet the Venue: Battersea Arts Centre

If you’ve been keeping up with our ‘Meet the Venue’ blogs, you’ll know what a diverse range of venues Gallowglass has worked at over the years. From completing over 90 projects at the Royal Albert Hal… Read More

Antony Cook

Posted on 19 Oct 2018

Meet the Venue: Goodwood Festival of Speed | Goodwood House

Have you checked-out our ‘Meet the Venue’ blogs? So far we’ve taken readers behind the scenes at the SEC, Cardiff Principality Stadium, and the Tower of London.  And now it’s the turn of Goodwood Hous… Read More

Paul Grecian

Posted on 05 Oct 2018

Meet the Venue: The Tower of London

Our last instalment of  ‘Meet the Venue’ focused on the Cardiff Principality Stadium, one of the key locations for Gallowglass’ summer events programme. However, this month, we’re turning our attentio… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 22 Aug 2018

Meet the Venue: Cardiff Principality Stadium

So far in our ‘Meet the Venue’ series, we’ve shared insights into some of our favourite locations, including the Royal Albert Hall, the SEC and dock10. Continuing with what is turning out to be a popu… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 02 Aug 2018

Meet the Venue: SEC, Glasgow

Gallowglass crews work at a huge variety of venues all over the UK and across the globe. Each location presents its own set of charms and challenges, which need to be addressed safely and efficiently… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 02 May 2018

Meet the Venue: The Royal Albert Hall

Recently, Gallowglass crew members have been sharing some of their thoughts and experiences to give an insight into what it’s like to work with us. And now we’re turning the spotlight onto another key… Read More

Conor Hourihan

Posted on 22 Feb 2018
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