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Gallowglass is widely known as the foremost provider of event labour in the world today, working in locations primarily focused in the UK and Europe. The events we crew range from festivals and concerts to business conferences, major sporting and community events together with a wide range of other projects. Gallowglass was established in 1996, and since then, the company has seen a tremendous amount of growth, expanding into cities such as Bristol.

Each crew member we employ receives a high level of in-house training before being sent out on a job, and are regularly given opportunities to further their careers through training. Our crew are highly experienced, having worked within the Gallowglass team for many years, and this helps us to create varied teams that offer a plethora of skills for our clients.

We regularly run internal and outsourced training programs within specialist areas to broaden the skill set of our crew so that we can continue to provide the best event crew in Bristol and the world beyond.

Our event crew in Bristol not only have general crewing expertise, but also have specific skills which include working in staging, lighting, exhibitions, studios and a wide range of other services. This means that we can serve our clients exacting needs with our highly skilled crew members, working with tightening budgets and tight time schedules for optimum efficiency.

If you are looking for highly skilled event crew in the South West for your next project, request a quote below and we will send you out an estimate shortly.

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