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Gallowglass has a level of experience second to none in the events industry in both the UK and abroad. Our highly experienced teams mean that we are able to provide structured, high-quality local crews in a cost-effective manner. Having primarily expanded to Spain, to support a portfolio of our UK clients; we now offer our services to a wide range of events across Barcelona and other destinations in Europe each and every year. This office has grown from strength to strength over the past few years, and as our project numbers grow, we hope to expand further to offer local teams throughout Europe.

Mauricio Lopez heads up our teams in Barcelona, assisted by Kemberly Romero to provide the best event crew services possible. Our teams regularly deliver at events for companies such as Diageo, IBM, Unilever and the GSMA Mobile World Congress, meaning that they are very familiar with the major centres in and around Barcelona. A large majority of our local Spanish crew are also bilingual, meaning that they can easily transition from working with UK clients to those in Spain without communication issues. As a unique offering, we are proud to offer such services.

Our Barcelona-based event crew are highly skilled general crew, and the teams also have specialist skills which include working with lighting, exhibitions, studios and staging, amongst many others. Find out more about our services today. Benefiting from initial in-house training as well as a range of on-going training opportunities, our crew members can provide the best service in the industry on both a basic crewing level, as well as for more specialist areas.

If you are looking for highly skilled, bilingual event crew in Barcelona for an upcoming event, get in touch with us by filling out the quote form below, and we will get back to you with an estimate!

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