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Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a monotonous work routine that dictates your schedule, it can feel oppressive and can often leave you looking for a way out – but don’t worry, you’re not alone there. Flexible working, which means having some freedom to choose when to work, is found to leave employees with higher levels of job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity. In fact, a study has found that over a nine-month period, people who worked in a flexible routine achieved more, were off sick less often and worked longer hours!

In a study by Cass Business School and Cranfield School of Management, it was discovered that those who worked from home one day a week also reported lower stress and a stronger loyalty to their employers. This was partly due to the varying working environments, engaging their brains and helping them to achieve a higher level of productivity in both surroundings. We certainly find that the variety of locations our crew members can work on within a month helps to keep their motivation high and keep them on their toes.

One of the authors of the report, Professor Lilian de Menezes, said: “Giving employees the opportunity to work more flexibly gives them more autonomy over their working lives, and this gives them a sense of job satisfaction and loyalty to their employer.” She continued to state that an informal conversation allows the employee to contribute to the discussion, sharing their personal circumstances to allow their situations to be specially accommodated. It is important for all employees to be able to communicate with one another effectively both formally and informally, and we ensure that our regional managers have a good relationship with their team members. This means that discussions over working schedules are regularly discussed to ensure that we not only keep our clients happy but also our staff.

At Gallowglass, our contracts are highly flexible (within reason of course). Understanding that there are often prior commitments and scenarios where working isn’t a viable option means that those who are employed by us are productive and have a higher level of job satisfaction. With our zero-hour contracts, you can find a working style that suits you, and with as little as seven days’ notice, we can help to fix our employees schedules! We know all our crew members work hard, and often work long days, so ensuring that they can enjoy benefits elsewhere – such as flexibility in their working hours – means that we have happy crews all round! In addition to this, we offer a competitive rate of pay, with our minimum wage starting at £10 an hour in London (inclusive of holiday pay), rising to up to £17 for the more specialised roles.

If working in a role where you are tired of the monotony of fixed weekly working hours, then why not consider changing your career path? Take a look at our event crew jobs in London and other UK regions to see how you can start increasing your job satisfaction!

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Jon Sigsworth

Managing Director, Gallowglass Crewing. Posted on 18 Sep 2017
About the author
The whole of Jon’s 15 years’ events industry experience have been spent with Gallowglass – beginning when he joined our Northern management team co-ordinating crewing operations in the run-up to the Manchester Commonwealth Games. As his management responsibilities have grown, he has led teams in the delivery of a wide range corporate and public events, from the London 2012 Olympics to building the Fortress fence around the Glastonbury Festival.
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