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We’ve had the privilege of working on some of the UK’s most prestigious events and have ensured that the fantastic venues in which they are held, are ready and prepared. We’ve worked in the Royal Albert Hall, helped with the preparation of the London Marathon and visited the O2 more times than we’ve had hot meals, but our work isn’t just UK based. In fact, we operate in numerous countries in Europe and across the globe. In this piece, we look at some of the countries our crew have operated in and the events on which we have left our Gallowglass mark.

European Footprint

As we’re part of the EU (at time of writing) and have an office in Barcelona, Spain, we love our crew to get out and about visiting other European countries. When travelling overseas, it is vital to have a professional team to ensure that all projects go smoothly. From Belgium to Barcelona, Iceland to Istanbul, we’ve covered a lot of the European continent. Here are a few of our continental events that we’ve had the pleasure of supporting:

UEFA Euro 2016 Final

A last-minute request came in from this client for us to lay flooring outside the stadium for the final of the tournament. We sent 18 crewmen over to France to support the project at the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris. The work required eight days to put up and eight days to take down, with a total of over 2,500 man hours.

European Games 2015

Perhaps an unexpected location for a sporting event which hosted some of the top athletes in the world, Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, held the very first European Games in 2015. The event saw close to 6,000 athletes competing with visitors expected from across the globe, which meant the pressure was on our crew to carry out their job successfully. Fortunately, the event went off without a hitch and we have our incredible team to thank for its success.

Paris Games Week

One of the most important events in the video games industry calendar, the Paris Games Week is an opportunity for developers and publishers to show off what they’ve been working on and to get some important customer feedback before launching their new products. The event attracts over 300,000 attendants which means our job is to ensure that all of those people have a fun and safe time at the event.

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

A relatively small scale event compared to other dates in the footballing calendar, the FIFA Confederations Cup sees eight international football teams battle it out in a tournament style. The event was held in Russia, with our crew heading out to Moscow to assist with the theatrics of the opening ceremony. We were responsible for manning the large inflatable clouds and platforms, from the ground, while the highly trained acrobats and entertainers performed both on top and suspended below the inflatable props. An extremely well rehearsed and time sensitive performance meant that our crew had to be on their A game from start to finish. Viewed by millions across the world, the opening ceremony was a complete success and Gallowglass was key in making that happen.

Global Crewing

Although the majority of our international clients are based in Europe, we have also had the chance to work with clients outside of the continent. Our crew have worked in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bahrain, South Africa, the US and many more. All of our team have been trained in-house which means everyone works to the same high standard and level of professionalism.

If you would like the opportunity to travel the world and experience working in many different countries, why not check out our range of event crew jobs in London, Manchester and Bristol? You can also check out our blog for more information on the venues we’ve worked with and our amazing team here at Gallowglass!

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Conor Hourihan

Business Development Manager, Gallowglass Group Posted on 25 Apr 2019
About the author
A Music Production graduate, Conor has spent the last 19 years in customer service roles. Joining Gallowglass initially as a Crewman, his talent for gaining clients' trust and forming lasting relationships, made him a shoo-in for our business development and marketing team. When he's not liaising with clients, Conor is our visuals expert - overseeing video content and imagery for our website, app and new vehicle and uniform branding.
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