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Gallowglass has a level of experience second to none in the industry and we continue to invest in our crew, training is continually on-going. Through frequent internal, external training and development programmes we can ensure that they have a broad and diverse array of skills to best service the clients we work with each and every day.

We reached out to ask if any of our crew would be happy to share their experiences working for us.

"When I graduated with an Audio Production BA (Hons), I was determined to pursue my career within the live events industry, Live Sound Engineering was the direction I wanted to head in but found it difficult to make that next step; I had the degree but not the experience.

Admittedly, working in events crewing didn’t really cross my mind until a friend of mine, who had been working at Gallowglass for around 9 months, suggested I give it a try as he had been working with a wide variety of project, including live music gigs.

At first, I was unsure as to whether this was the right steppingstone for me, or if it was going to benefit my career at all but as soon as I started to meet more people in the industry through working on events, it became apparent that this was a world full of friendly, passionate people and I was sure it would be an advantage, the perfect networking opportunity!

My first couple of months of shifts were as part of large crews, on a wide variety of jobs and under guidance from more senior crew I picked up the basics pretty quickly; these include, ground rigging, lighting and sound, cable running and management, control desks and full back line installation, indoor and outdoor screens and crowd barrier layout.

Everything from our end is brilliantly managed, everyone knows what has to be done and when it needs to be done, consequently it’s a great vibe on site, hard graft sometimes but everyone pulls together.

Finding the right company to work for has been really important for me and my career. I have found that having the support and guidance from Gallowglass over the last four years has been really crucial in developing my knowledge and understanding of the industry and allowing my confidence to really flourish. I had dreams of working on iconic outdoor festivals, such as Glastonbury, without the willingness to put yourself out there and confidently network, this simply remains a dream for many. Not only have I worked at Glastonbury but on numerous music festivals where I have managed to meet other suppliers. This has opened several doors for me and am currently doing one day a week with a live sound company developing & honing my skills in the warehouse and out on-site, what I call my mini technical apprenticeship.

In this situation I am acutely aware that I am in the minority as a young female, working as event crew, I spend my days and evenings working alongside and liaising with men. My experience within the industry has been a positive one and I’m a firm believer that if you are determined and prepared to put in the work then you will be noticed. Again, it is more about having the confidence and self-belief in your abilities and having a healthy can do attitude which will help you regardless."

Helen T. Gallowglass crew since 2018

If a career in events sounds like it’s for you then fill out an application here and attach your CV to join one of our outstanding Gallowglass teams!

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Conor Hourihan

Business Development Manager, Gallowglass Group Posted on 09 Aug 2022
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A Music Production graduate, Conor has spent the last 19 years in customer service roles. Joining Gallowglass initially as a Crewman, his talent for gaining clients' trust and forming lasting relationships, made him a shoo-in for our business development and marketing team. When he's not liaising with clients, Conor is our visuals expert - overseeing video content and imagery for our website, app and new vehicle and uniform branding.
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