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In the first instalment of our Gallowglass Careers series, we described the progression of crew roles available to our new recruits. Alongside these crewing opportunities, we offer a number of more specialised roles - from forklift operators to hands-on riggers - and many more. This means that if you are keen to pursue a specific skill within your position at Gallowglass and ultimately the broader events industry, we can make that possible! Here’s a brief overview of just some of these focused positions:

Forklift Operator/All-Terrain Forklift Operators

These roles are essential to the work of the Gallowglass teams in delivering the events we work on. General tasks performed in both of these roles include loading and unloading equipment from trucks, distributing it around the site, and assisting wherever possible with the transportation of other heavy materials.

Forklift operators are usually required at events where a large amount of equipment needs to be moved. For instance, several of our forklift operators were needed during our work on Lumiere London and the British Gymnastics iPro World Cup of Gymnastics; two high-profile events that required the placement of a variety of weighty objects including artwork, specialised gym equipment and staging.

All-terrain forklift operators are more commonly needed at outdoor events or projects hosted on rougher terrain. During our work at the Notting Hill Carnival, for example, all-terrain forklift operators helped set up police barracks and distributed metal flooring in several locations.

Telehandler Operators

Fulfilling another key operational role, telehandler operators also assist in the loading, unloading and transportation processes during event preparations. During our work at Reading Festival in 2017, several telehandler operators provided invaluable support in helping to set up screens, sound systems and stages in various locations around the festival site.

Cherry Picker Operators

Our cherry picker operators carry members of the Gallowglass team and other staff, as well as slightly smaller pieces of equipment, to high places at particular venues and outdoor locations. They have been required to help install motors in the ceilings of large venues such as Olympia, Excel, NEC and SEC, and to lift trusses, lights and sound equipment.

Scissor Lift Operators

Similar to the previous role, scissor lift operators are needed to transport people and equipment to higher levels both inside and outside a venue while working at an event. As well as lifting new equipment to be fitted, scissor lifts are also used in venues such as the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), where additional lighting has to be attached to equipment that is permanently fixed to the ceiling.


During particularly busy events, banksmen are required to direct traffic and large vehicles when manoeuvring on site. Not only does this mean that traffic is managed clearly and safely but it also ensures the safety of other people working on the event. For example, while crewing at Lumiere London, banksmen held and controlled traffic for short periods while exhibits were installed in various locations across the city.

Onsite Experienced Carpenters

Existing crew members who have gained carpentry experience while completing basic on-site tasks are offered the opportunity to enhance their skills. Carpenters are valued members of the team: during our work at the Royal Albert Hall Champions Tennis, our experienced carpenters were required to cut and smooth off the edges of the flooring to ensure no gaps were left.

Follow Spot Operators

While follow spot operators are only required at specific events, theirs is a highly-valued skill set in providing on-stage support. Tasks carried out by our follow spot operators have included highlighting award winners and shadowing artists as they perform on stage at music events.

Harness-Trained Crew

Often working in conjunction with floor crew, harness-trained crew come into their own when we need to distribute equipment from above. They are usually required for large-scale events such as the London Marathon. A typical example was when our client, Live Trakway, needed our harness-trained crew to lay out barriers from the back of a flatbed truck by harnessing them into the air and distributing them to crew members below.


If you are looking for a hands-on role with Gallowglass, riggers are always in demand. These are essentially qualified climbers who work with the booms, lifts, hoists and ropes for stage, production, film, television, exhibition and any other projects that require attaching equipment to overhead structures.

Health and Safety Advisors

Another essential role on offer at Gallowglass is that of Health and Safety Advisor. As you may have guessed, these qualified experts are responsible for ensuring the safety of both crew and clients who are working on site.

Over the years, our Health and Safety Advisors have worked on many world-famous events including Rugby World Cup 2015, London Olympics, Rio Olympics, UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff and Kiev, Tough Mudder, Colour Obstacle Run and Lumiere London to name just a few. This is a specialist role; in fact, Gallowglass has its own dedicated health and safety company. We also have our own training company – offering courses that will enable people to gain nationally-accredited health and safety qualifications. We’re delighted to say that a number of our Health and Safety Advisors started their careers with the Gallowglass Group as crewmen, before progressing into this specialist area of expertise.

Whether you remain in a basic crewing position or opt to take on one of these more specialised roles, becoming part of the Gallowglass team will act as your stepping stone into many other industries.

Whether you remain in a basic crewing position or opt to take on one of these more specialised roles, becoming part of the Gallowglass team will act as your stepping stone into many other industries. As the UK’s largest event crew provider, we work with a diverse range of companies specialising in sound, lighting, film, theatre, festival, TV, music and sports. Our continued commitment to providing high quality service has enabled us to build strong relationships with many of the major players in each of these sectors, together with a multitude of globally-significant venues over the years. This means that the more experience you gain from working with us, the greater your chances are of being noticed by, or forming connections with, industry professionals who could eventually help you to secure your dream role - whatever that may be.

So, whether you’re searching for event crew jobs in Liverpool, London or any other locations around the UK, or want to know more about the specialised roles we could offer you, why not get in touch today?

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Conor Hourihan

Business Development Manager, Gallowglass Group Posted on 07 Dec 2018
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A Music Production graduate, Conor has spent the last 19 years in customer service roles. Joining Gallowglass initially as a Crewman, his talent for gaining clients' trust and forming lasting relationships, made him a shoo-in for our business development and marketing team. When he's not liaising with clients, Conor is our visuals expert - overseeing video content and imagery for our website, app and new vehicle and uniform branding.
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