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As we come to the end of January, we have decided to chat with our Head of HR to get to know her a little better. Chris Parry-Jones has worked at Gallowglass for many years and has been given the opportunity to bring people into Gallowglass and therefore, into the events industry as a whole. Read on to find out more about Chris, her time at Gallowglass, and how she views the events industry.

What Led You to Apply for A Role with The Company?

I had worked with Gallowglass Crew on-site so already knew them well when I started working with them.  It felt like the cavalry arriving when the crew turned up on site. 

What Was Your Experience Before Joining the Gallowglass Team?

I have worked in HR for many years and had a few jobs including for a large American multi-national and as a labour market consultant to the CEC and other organisations.

How Long Have You Worked at Gallowglass?

I have been working with Gallowglass since 2006 – a long time but it has flown by.

What Is the Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

Giving people an opportunity to enter an exciting industry that they probably did not know much about and then watching them progress through the ranks and ultimately moving on to careers within the business.

Crewing is an amazing route into the industry as it gives the opportunity to see the many different facets of the industry and decide on the best career route forward.

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We are currently rolling out some exciting new programmes for our crew which, together with our clients, will provide real opportunities for individual growth and progression. 2020 is going to be an exciting year in the HR department!

Is Training an Important Part of Human Resources?

Absolutely it is. From the day everyone starts at Gallowglass, regardless of location, they are part of a continuous training programme that not only ensures that they are aware of their H & S (Health and Safety) obligations on site but also gains them qualifications from accredited organisations that they can take with them wherever they chose to go.

We are lucky that we have a training company within the Group with fully qualified trainers who have all worked within the events business that deliver a wide range of courses including IOSH, SPA and CIEH and bespoke courses.

How Does Human Resources Differ in The Events Industry to Other Industries?

The legalities of engaging and dealing with people do not change regardless of the industry. It is important to keep up to date with the changes in employment law and there have been a number over the last few years.

Tell Us The Funniest Story You’ve Experienced During Your Time at Gallowglass?

A few years ago on a family holiday I was introduced to a friend of a friend and told that we would have something in common as we both worked in events.

It quickly became apparent that he had worked for another crewing company. My son then asked why he did not work for Gallowglass and the response was “they brought in some woman who made everyone go legal” My son’s response was “have you met my mother”!

After a pregnant pause we all laughed. It might not have made us the most popular for some but everyone we employ is PAYE and therefore fully insured and protected and our clients can rest easy knowing there are no IR35 implications for them.

Do You Enjoy Any Hobbies Outside of Work?

I have just got a new puppy who is an interesting cross of Labrador / Great Dane and something else so she needs a lot of attention and exercise so I am definitely getting fitter! Apart from that I love to cook for friends and family.

Thank you to Chris for taking the time to chat with us! Hopefully, you have found this insightful about both Gallowglass and the events industry. If you are interested in hiring Gallowglass for your next event, or you would like to join the crew, please do not hesitate to get in contact! We have event crew jobs across the UK and in Barcelona, so get involved now.

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Conor Hourihan

Business Development Manager, Gallowglass Group Posted on 31 Jan 2020
About the author
A Music Production graduate, Conor has spent the last 19 years in customer service roles. Joining Gallowglass initially as a Crewman, his talent for gaining clients' trust and forming lasting relationships, made him a shoo-in for our business development and marketing team. When he's not liaising with clients, Conor is our visuals expert - overseeing video content and imagery for our website, app and new vehicle and uniform branding.
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