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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll have spotted our recent interviews with various members of the team here at Gallowglass. With insights into the life of a Crew Member, a Crew Chief and a Regional Manager already under our belt, the next interview is with our Business Development and Marketing Coordinator, Conor Hourihan.

Conor is a perfect example of someone who has climbed up the career ladder during his time with the company, embracing every opportunity along the way. So, if you want to find out more, keep reading, and you’ll discover more about Conor, his best stories and how he came to be in this position today!

Do you have any work nicknames?

Con or Conks tends to be the people’s choice, but there are many others.

If your fellow colleagues were to describe you in three words, which three words do you think they would use?

Fun, loyal and a team player.

Tell us a little about your history and how you ended up with Gallowglass:

I did a Music Production BA degree at Brighton University, and after coming back home, a friend recommended Gallowglass. As the HQ was only up the road from my house I popped along, but when I got to the door, I lost my bottle and ended up not getting in touch.

A month later I started working for Apple Inc. in their flagship store Regent Street where I remained for four and a half years. It was an amazing experience, which took me around the world to the Apple Cupertino HQ, where I had to try and break software before it was released to the public. This was a massive responsibility and honour as I was one of only two UK employees in the company to be chosen to go.

After that, I left Regent Street to travel the world and did so for 18 months. I lived in Sydney for a year and managed to get a job in the Apple Store George Street for six-months (it’s hard to get away from them, what can I say). Then, when I returned to the UK, I wanted to get back into something music orientated, so I applied for a Gallowglass event crew job in London and haven’t looked back since.

What was your first day working for Gallowglass like?

Hard! I had just finished travelling, where the only exercise I did was lift a beer to my mouth. My first job was building a grandstand in Stoke Park on a 12-hour shift. It was a baptism of fire without a doubt! I got home; I had blisters on my feet, an ice pack on my shoulder and a bit of sunstroke. I was almost on the verge of throwing the towel in before my dad told me to give another week and see how I feel. The next seven days I was at Ascot Racecourse setting up for Royal Ascot where I enjoyed driving around the site in a golf buggy, completing various tasks, and, let’s just say it changed my mind about moving on.

How long have you worked for Gallowglass now?

It’s been four years this coming June!

How have you progressed through the ranks at Gallowglass?

I started on the crew as a PBC (Probation), after six-weeks I was promoted up to a General Crewman, seven months later General Level 2 and in May 2015 I came into the office to learn our Navision system to help in the busier period of the year.

After a further year or so in orders, a position became available in our Business Development team. The job was offered to me as well as a Marketing Coordinator role, which I have been in ever since.

Describe an average day in the life of a Business Development and Marketing Coordinator:

Well, depending on whether I have any site visits or meetings with clients in the morning, I usually start the day checking our duty report to see if I need to deal with anything first thing. I’ll then check our social media channels and Navision System to see what our crew are up to and share anything interesting, fun or exciting. Next, I’ll check for jobs and clients that need any extra attention and make sure everything is on track with their requests. I also assist with content for our blog and update everything on our website. I’ve recently branched out into video content by capturing our crew at work, stop motion videos and interviews with our crew for our YouTube channel. It’s certainly never boring!

What’s your favourite thing about your role?

Every day brings its own challenges, and no two are the same, just like being on the crew.

Tell us the funniest story you’ve experienced during your time at Gallowglass:

There have been so, so many, but one that stands out for me was at the Event Awards in 2016. Gallowglass sponsored a category and a representative from the company had to go on stage and present the winners with their award. This was bestowed to me and unlike all the other presenters involved, only the speaker, comedian Katherine Ryan, could announce the winner. I asked Katherine if I could announce this one. She said, “yeah of course” and just like that she opened the envelope and quicker than I could blink closed it again. I just about managed to catch the name of the company but was unsure about what I’d actually read. As I tried to make sense of it, the mic was thrust to my mouth, and I JUST about managed to say the name correctly. As a musician, I always dreamt of performing on stage at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, in front of thousands but when I sort of got my chance, I almost blew it. The next year I had to do it again, I think my colleagues found some enjoyment it last year’s attempt. Only this time I simply recalled this story to the speaker, comedian Ellie Taylor, and we ended up in fits of laughter on stage. Afterwards, when various people asked me what I said to her, I left it to their imaginations.

What’s the best thing you’ve done with the business so far?

It’s probably assisting with the redesign of our website and making our Social Media channels work harder for us. Content is always key in these areas and I feel we have come a long way since I began. But this hasn’t just been my doing, a lot of people have been involved in getting us to where we are now, and it is credit to all of them.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

The usual things that everyone does, see friends and family, go to gigs as often as I can, I’m fond of a weekend away with the Mrs, and for my sins as a born and bred Shepherds Bush resident, a lifelong QPR fan for which I’m a season ticket holder with my dad.

What’s your dream job?

Not sure I’ve ever had a dream job, I put everything into the job I have at the time. I was the guitarist and singer in a band for eight years so if I had to say any, it was probably that.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to get into the events industry, what would it be?

Depending on what area, take everything you get offered, some parts of the year aren’t as busy as the others, but you will do things no one else gets to do or even see so what have you got to lose.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about working for or with Gallowglass? Check out our other interviews, head to our social media channels or fill in a contact form with your questions and we’ll be sure to find you an answer!

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