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It is a well-known fact that London is the events capital of the UK, with more events going on in a weekly time frame than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. From business conferences, exhibitions and training events to festivals, international sporting events and live performances, London has it all. Many professionals have even gone as far to say that London is the events capital of Europe, and it is clear to see why, when you look at the plethora of exciting opportunities and events on offer.

As one of the foremost event providers in the world, Gallowglass supplies event crew each and every day to work at numerous prestigious locations across London and further afield. Our London teams have a staggering amount of experience and help the events industry to thrive in this fine city. With general crew members as well as those with specialist skills all ready and waiting to get started on the next big event, London has often been listed as a favourite place for crewing, notably for the vibrant atmosphere and exciting opportunities which are available across all event types at all times of the year!

As our head office and our biggest, busiest teams are located here, we are often called in to help out at some of the biggest events in London. In recent years these have included the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Lumiere London 2016, the Champions Tennis and London Fashion Show at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016, the G20 Summit in 2009 and we even built a giant dome on the South Bank for the Mexican Tourist Office in 2015! So, it’s safe to say that we love the city and everything that it represents.

What is it about London that makes it the prime location for events?

There are many factors that have led to London being the ultimate event hub that it is today, and just a few of these include:

The Art and Design Scene

With over 1500 permanent art galleries alone, London has some of the most well-respected art galleries in the world. These include the Saatchi Gallery and  Tate Modern. This draws people from all corners of the globe to visit, be it to attend a show of crazy Lego superhero sculptures, or to attend the unveiling of a grand masterpiece. The galleries themselves are not the only draw either, as the stunning architecture, which can be seen all through the city, means that the entirety of London has the potential to host an incredible event in a stunning setting (if the right crew are there to set it all up!).

The Fashion Feature

It is undeniable that London is one of the trendiest places in the world, and that contributes to the reasons for it being one of the main fashion capitals of the world. With the upcoming event of London Fashion Week (also crewed by Gallowglass) being one of the biggest in the city’s event calendar, this is the perfect example that showcases the high-fashion fortress that the city has built.


London is  also the most accessible place in the UK, with four airports, countless train, tube and bus stations; attending an event in London is easy no matter where it’s located.

The Food and Drink

Famed for its eclectic range of fine dining restaurants, street food vendors and wild pubs and clubs, one of the biggest draws to the city of London is certainly the food and drink on offer. Food festivals and events take place all year round, encouraging people to engage with the traditional dishes and recipes as well as the up and coming food trends!

Music to your Ears

The London music scene is incredibly eclectic, and with the wonderful range of venues catering for show-stopping performances; it’s no surprise that so many musicians aspire to stand on a London stage. With the biggest names in the music industry regularly visiting during tours and for one-off performances, as well as the array of festivals and independent productions, there’s never an evening in London where you won’t find live music filling a room somewhere in the city.


The sporting side of London really came into the limelight in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and has since continued to offer a plethora of amazing sporting events across the city. The sports events industry has continued to grow in London, expanding into a wide range of disciplines and providing entertainment for people across the world, both during the live event and when broadcast on TV.

London really does have it all, and it’s no surprise that it has been named  events capital of the UK. If you have an upcoming event and are seeking event crew in London to help ensure your success within the industry, get in touch today!

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Paul Grecian

Chairman, Gallowglass Group Posted on 14 Aug 2017
About the author
Paul co-founded Gallowglass 21 years ago and has since expanded a single crewing operation into an international group of companies offering a complete range of support services for the events and entertainment industries.  His key input is to identify innovations and avenues for growth, and the wherewithal to broaden the Group's offering around the world.
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