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This month we have made some major changes to the look of the app as well as a few new features that we hope you will find useful.

  • New look
  • Profile pictures that get shared with our Crew App
  • Easier identification of bookings still in quote
  • Addition of who ordered the job
  • Changes to list of people displayed for team notifications
  • Change to the sorting order of Venue Wiki Search Results
  • See how your colleagues have rated the crew
  • Major behind the scenes improvements to data syncing
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The new look

We are marching forward with getting the app ready for proper App Store apps. To do this we wanted to get the design of the web app as close as possible to what we want the App Store apps to look like.

We aren't going to be changing the appearance for quite some time as we appreciate changing the way things look can be a little bit confusing at first.

Everything should basically still be in the same place as it was before.

The app should now be a lot more mobile friendly and we feel the performance is better due to the cleaner user interface.

This one has taken a bit of time to do as we have also re-done the Crew App at the same time.

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Profile pictures

This was an early request from one of our early adopters. It took a little longer than we wanted to get it live but finally it is here.

Our clients have found having the crew pictures a useful feature onsite and the suggestion was to have a picture for the onsite contact appear on the crew app as well to help the crew locate the your representative onsite.

The onsite contact needs to use the app to upload their picture. Alternatively, if you are part of a large team and would like us to upload the pictures for you all, just drop me an email at

These pictures will be seen both by our crew and other members of your team.

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Who ordered the job and bookings still in quote

This was a small addition that we thought may be helpful for those working in large teams. Being able to see who we have as the person who ordered the job may help in dealing with queries.

Until you confirm a booking we won't start assigning crew. To make it easier to find bookings that still need to be confirmed we have made a change to highlight those bookings that still need to be confirmed.

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Team notifications – who is that person in my team?

We were showing every person we have ever had in our internal database working for your company listed. To reduce the amount of people appearing in the list of team members, we have changed this to only show people registered to use the app. After all, if they aren't using the app, they won't see the announcement anyway.

Venue Wiki search results order

A small change to make the search results list in alphabetical order.

View colleague crew ratings

As well as being able to view all the crew you have rated in the past, you can now see how your colleagues have rated them as well. At the moment we are grouping all the ratings together and averaging them out. If enough people ask for it, we will look at showing how individuals have rated.

Continued improvements to the data sync

As we went through the traditional busy season, it became very apparent that the original design of the code that syncs information between our back office systems here and the app database needed a major performance boost.

That work has now been completed ready for the Autumn sprint to Christmas. We are continually looking to improve this as we aim to hit real time updates. At the moment the job data is refreshed every 15 minutes.

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Darren Thorley

Head of IT, Gallowglass Group Posted on 31 Aug 2017
About the author
Darren entered the event management business as a funeral director! But his passion for systems soon led him towards a career in IT. Joining Gallowglass in 2003, he now manages all of our technology resources - including a sophisticated order management system providing in-depth analysis of over 9,000 jobs a year and an active client list of 5,000 companies. He drives our leadership in technological innovation - including areas such as data security and crew-client communications.
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