UEFA Euro 2016

Project Summary

A late call up by the French client to set up the flooring outside the stadium for the final. 2,570 man hours played by 18 crewmen (Midlands x 2, Scotland x 3, Northern x 1, London x 12). 8 day rig and 8 day strike. Rig finished 1 day early and de-rig completed 36hrs early by Gallowglass crew chief, crew and fork lift drivers.

What Our Client Had To Say

“Just want to say a massive thank you to all the guys that came out to France. The install as you are aware was complex, and well out of our comfort zone. There has been some very hot weather out here during the day but the lads have just cracked on until completion, hats off to them!

Our customer from UEFA is very impressed with the whole delivery/install which is mainly down to yourselves. From myself and Roy a huge thanks to you all.”

Steve Burlinson – Eve Trakway – UEFA Euro 2016

Gallowglass Event Crew Laying Track
Gallowglass Event Crew Laying Down Track Way
Gallowglass Event Crew Laying Down Trackway
Gallowglass Event Crew Laying Down Trackway
Night Shift
The Next Morning

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