Lumiere London

Project Summary

The Festival of Light – 4,356 man hours including 442 crew bookings for 126 crewmen over 19 days for 30 installations at 16 locations across the capital. Crews included crew chiefs, forklift, cherry picker and scissor lift drivers, general crew making up 72 onsite at one point.

So, does a festival have to be a musical event?

Unusual Rigging and White Productions were tasked with delivering a spectacular light/art festival across the Capital to draw additional visitors into the centre during what would otherwise be a quieter month – January.

To do this, 16 venues were selected and 30 artists commissioned to design installations which would ultimately create spectacular effects. In addition, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Artichoke hosted the Lumiere London Symposium – “The Heart and Soul of the City”, during the Festival. Inspiring Speakers such as Lumiere artists, cultural pioneers and leading policy makers shared their visions.

Some installations were free-standing whilst others required complicated setting and suspension systems. All had to have power safely supplied to them, bearing in mind that the public would be close at hand throughout both the performances or displays, and the build/strike!

It was key to the White Productions team that they had crew who were not only technically capable but also consistently available throughout the job. Gallowglass has always prided itself on the quality of the individuals it employs who can bring that little bit more. With a background in sport, most of them naturally bind within clients teams and can bring their team approach, humour and work ethos to bear.

Because of our greater resources, 126 Gallowglass crew worked on this event with 72 committed to it at one given point amassing over 4000hrs onsite. (More statistics below)

On this festival, Gallowglass also provided the Health & Safety support. RAMS (risk assessments and method statements) were provided for each site and each installation individually resulting in a 500 page document covering all of the unique complexities that came with each piece of ‘art’. Two Gallowglass Health & Safety consultants negotiated with the various council H&S Officers and the emergency services on behalf of the organisers and headed up the Event Liaison Team.

Some key stats from Lumiere 2016:

16                    Venues

30                    Artists/Installations

11                    Day build

126                  Crew used

72                    Crew on one day

18                    Crew Chiefs

8                      Fork lift drivers

3                      Scissor-lift drivers

3                      Day event

3                      Day de-rig

4016                Crew man hours

20                    Days pre-production on H&S

20                    Days onsite for H&S

500                  Pages of RAMS for unique event/installs

0                      Event related incidents

1,000,000        Visitors/Spectators (est’d)


What Our Client Had To Say

“White Productions has worked with Gallowglass since 2003 on a great variety of different projects and events in the U.K. and overseas. We always, where possible, use their services as we know we can rely on their flexibility, efficiency and excellent communication during pre-production and the crews pro-activeness, teamwork and willingness to put in extra efforts on site. Lumiere London 2016 was a challenging project which was demanding of the crew in terms of its logistical complexity, its multi-site format in central London and the hard graft involved. Gallowglass crew took on the challenge with their usual can-do attitude and smiling faces making what could have been an extra-ordinarily tough job considerably easier for all of us!”

Gary White – White Productions – Lumiere London

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