Gallowglass Help Upgrade Europe’s Cinemas

Project Summary

An exciting new project undertaken with our client Cinelogic Digital, that will see many of Europe’s cinemas being upgraded with the very latest cinematic technology. With only 1 day to unload the multitude of speakers accompanying the colossal new IMAX screen at the Odeon Leicester Square, 6 Gallowglass crewmen have worked at record speed to ensure the cinema will be on course to provide a superb surround sound experience for viewers on its opening night.

Gallowglass crew arrive to start their shift
Gallowglass Crew begin to unload speakers
Gallowglass Crew begin to break down the pallets

Time is of the essence…

On Day One of the multi-million-pound Odeon refit, 8 subwoofers and over 100 smaller speakers were delivered to the front of the cinema on pallets in a 7.5-tonne van. Time was critical for our crewmen: the vehicle carrying the equipment was only allowed to remain in Leicester Square for a limited time. Consequently, the pallets were unloaded from the van and broken up on the street to be taken into the cinema.

Gallowglass Crew working together to load in the subs
Gallowglass Crew working together on a load in
Gallowglass Crew making their way to the top floor

To transport the speakers to their destination on the cinema’s top floor , our team had to utilise the space effectively: several areas were being taken up with building equipment and other materials. To do this, all 6 crew members positioned themselves in a production line at equal distances on the stairway so they could pass the speakers up the line. Their tireless efforts and resourceful teamwork made it possible for the crew to finish the task over an hour ahead of schedule, giving them time to carry out some final checks and make sure the job was completed to the highest standard possible.

Gallowglass Crew Chief Matt Eno instructing a member of the crew
Gallowglass Crew working together on a load in
Gallowglass final push to get the last of the equipment to the top floor

Matthew Eno, the Crew Chief heading up our team on the Cinelogic Digital project described more about this exciting opportunity for Gallowglass: “We’re working with Cinelogic quite a lot now in nearly all cinemas across the UK and Europe. We know what we need to do and that’s vital because of how time sensitive each day is with tight schedules and cinema opening dates. We all really enjoy working in these environments, too! They’re not your usual arena, event space or exhibition hall, but we’re learning a lot about the new technology going into these state-of-the-art cinemas. I can’t wait to check a film out once it’s all finished and what’s more rewarding is knowing we had a part to play in it.

Leading up to its reopening, our event crew in London will be continuing their work at Leicester Square’s Odeon cinema before heading into Europe to embark on yet another upgrade to one of Europe’s biggest cinemas.

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