Champions Tennis at The Royal Albert Hall

Project Summary

The set up for Champions Tennis is always an exciting day, in less than 24 hours the arena will be cleared, raised, re-floored, re-lit and completely transformed from concert venue into international sports arena. A total of 72 crew for the build/derig with man hours hitting the 738 mark.

It is no easy job...

...starting at 11pm and working through the night, it takes 36 crew, 10 carpenters 14 hours just to lay the floor. The 1500 chairs covering the floor of the arena must be removed, then the workers can begin to lay a false floor, 2.2 meters higher than before. 2 kilometres of solid beams are laid and covered with 350 sheets of plywood (8’×4’) and fastened with over 2,000 screws.

A large lighting rig also must be installed, covering the whole of the court area – over 100 1kw floodlights are required to ensure the court is evenly lit. With the volume of work being undertaken at the same time it presents a logistical conundrum which needs to be dealt with clinical efficiency.

With the floor in place it’s time to lay the court, advertising hoardings & ancillaries; another 6 hours of work utilising 6 crew, new balls please!

Now if that wasn’t a mammoth undertaking in itself, provision had to be made during the build for the upcoming British Fashion Awards immediately after the tennis. Now that’s another story.

Gallowglass Health & Safety also provided support ensuring the highest standards when it comes to Health and Safety management, with their key responsibilities being:

  • Act as Principal Designer 
  • Act as Principal Contractor
  • Attend and contribute to required Safety Planning meetings with all sub-contactors
  • Undertake an audit trail of key supplier’s documentation
  • Review, update and present key plans and documents including:
  • Construction Phase Plan (CPP)
  • Review and indemnify risk assessments and method statements provided by Gallowglass Ltd
  • Ensure satisfactory, up to date public liability insurance is provided by all suppliers
  • On Site presence during set-up
  • Monitor adherence to CPP
  • Initiate and undertake suppliers, staff and performers’ safety induction prior to undertaking any work

What Our Client Had To Say

It’s advantageous to have Gallowglass on this project as they know the building and its idiosyncrasies inside out. The crew were amazing and the Project Manager Mitch Luck went above and beyond, thank you.

Gareth Jones – Technical Operations Manager – Royal Albert Hall


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