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It’s that time in the month when we share exclusive insight into the lives of our ever-growing list of team members. Sarah Poulton, our Sales Administration Supervisor, joined Gallowglass back in 2005 and has functioned as an integral part of the team ever since! Here’s a little more about her including how she came to be in her role, what her colleagues would describe her as and why the premiere of Kung Fu Panda was one of her most memorable experiences whilst working at Gallow!

What was your experience before joining the Gallowglass team?

I only had a couple of jobs before Gallowglass, but all in male-dominated environments funnily enough. Whilst doing my A-Levels and then saving to go travelling, I worked in a bar that my friends and I already frequented, so I saved money whilst my friends spent theirs, but still got to socialise. When I came back from my time abroad, I started working in a builders merchants, first on the tills in the shop, migrating to the Sales office upstairs when a position became available.

How long have you worked at Gallowglass?

Fourteen years today - wow that sounds like a long time! I started on Feb 5th, 2005.

What do you find most challenging about your role?

Being a supervisor, the most challenging part is when I have to discipline someone (it doesn’t often happen, thankfully!) but working day-in, day-out with these guys, they are also friends, so I find it really tough if I have to pull them up about something. We all work well together, though, and know when it’s time to laugh and joke and when it’s time to be serious.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The world of events covers such a broad spectrum and every day is different. Speaking to clients, I hear about new shows, films, places to visit and generally have my eyes opened about a lot of things happening around the UK, that I would be in the dark about ordinarily. I’ve also been lucky-enough to experience some great shows through Gallowglass: the London 2012 Opening Ceremony rehearsal was just phenomenal, and something I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

If your colleagues could describe you in three words, what would they be?

I have a mug on my desk that says it all, but it’s not really appropriate for this! I hope they’d say I’m helpful, reliable and hard-working, but I’m sure there’d be some profanities in there as well.

Have you undertaken any training since joining the team?

On the job training, the software is bespoke, and I sit opposite the IT guy. I’ve worked in Sales previously and working in a bar gives you plenty of experience dealing with difficult situations and tough customers. I’ve also learnt a lot along the way, just from doing the job.

How has your career progressed during your time at Gallowglass?

Strangely enough, I was brought in as a Crew Allocator, calling the crew and giving them details for jobs. Sadly, as mentioned earlier, I’m not great at being hard, so I found this to be a somewhat challenging role. Luckily, one of the Sales Admin staff was leaving a few months after I started, so I was drafted across, which worked a lot better. Then about 18 months after I’d joined, the current Sales Supervisor was heading home to New Zealand, and I was promoted into his position.

What was the most exciting event or project that you have been part of while working at Gallowglass?

We’ve worked on some fantastic events over the years, Cirque du Soleil each year is one of my favourites. I will always remember the premiere of Kung Fu Panda in Leicester Square where four of our crew were dressed in red silk pyjamas carrying a Chinese carriage holding Jack Black along the red carpet. But the most exciting has to be all the work we did at the London 2012 Olympics. Being part of such an incredible event and to be able to see it all come together was amazing.

Do you enjoy any hobbies outside of work?

I’m a complete bibliophile, a book nerd if you like. I will always have a book on the go and my kindle or some electronic reading device close at hand. It’s my relaxation and escape. I also love to travel, though I haven’t been to anywhere near as many places as I’d like, I try to visit somewhere new each year. This year I’m planning a European escape, a trip to the US and hopefully a winter break amongst the Christmas markets.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

That’s a hard question, I really can’t answer. I don’t look to the future too much because so much can change, for now, I’m happy doing what I’m doing, taking each day as it comes.

If you’re a regular reader of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, you’ll know what a diverse and exciting selection of roles we offer, from sales and marketing positions to general crew and crew chiefs. As such, whether you’re searching for event crew jobs in Manchester, London or any other of the UK’s busiest hubs, we could have the perfect events opportunity just waiting for you! To find out more, get in touch today or visit our blog to read:

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Chris Parry-Jones

Group Director, Human Resources, Gallowglass Group Posted on 08 Mar 2019
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An expert in employee relations, Chris brought her extensive HR experience to Gallowglass in 2004, after working for several high-profile European organisations. Overseeing the Group’s entire HR function, she is responsible for the recruitment and personal development of its 600+ workforce. A firm believer that nothing happens without sound leadership and bottom-up opportunity, Chris is a champion of training – to ensure that crews are both safe and compliant with legal regulations.
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